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While the Navy and Coast Guard continue to promote the importance of team spirit and comradery in many different ways symbols of pride in a unit are becoming more and more popular within crews.

Symbols and artwork have been displayed for many years in the military from WWII pilots flaunting images on the side of aircraft to soldiers in present times expressing pride in their units or jobs.

Unquestionably, there are several different types of symbols you can display on possessions like backpacks, hats, or even your personal Fleet Sheets. Generally speaking, emblems are usually used to add personality and character to personal belongings plus show pride in your unit.

Careers in the Navy and Coast Guard can offer a lot of special memories and symbols of honor can be that reminder of the adventures you encountered.   

One day you will take out those old banners or emblems you have gathered over the years of service and tell some interesting stories behind them.

For us that are lucky enough to have relatives that are veterans enjoyed stories of the journeys they were involved in and hoped one day to create remembrances like that of our own.

In view of this, symbols, emblems, patches, crest, and banners play a major role in remembering special occasions or units you were a part of.

Creating unforgettable memories in the years you spend serving our country can never be replaced and passing down a piece of symbolism to a younger generation can set up those memories to be shared forever.

Emblems are very significant to the men and women who serve the United States military and a logo, emblem, or crest that represents what you have accomplished is something very unique that not too many people are able to experience in a lifetime.

Take advantage of the opportunity to show pride in the commitment to our country you carried out.

Navy symbols

Even though tattoos are a very common in the US Navy these days you don’t necessarily need to permanently ink your skin with artwork to express your morale. Symbols of pride offer the same type of representation of honor without the cost of a professional tattoo artist.

We compiled a few of the classic symbols that many Navy sailors display in different ways:

Nautical Star

Nautical Star Symbol

The nautical star is a five pointed star that symbolizes that a sailor will always find his/her way home. This symbol reminds us of the five-pointed star on the United States flag.

Additionally, the nautical star is altered to correlate to a compass rose.

Crossed Cannons

Navy Crossed Cannons Illustration

The crossed cannons are used to symbolize a veteran that has served military service as a sailor. The crossed cannons may also be a representation of good luck. Many people of the sea are known to be superstitious and for good reason taken their line of work.

Knot of rope

Navy Knot Of Rope

Sailors with a knot of rope emblem are recognized to be a deck officer. A deck officer assists with various operations to run a Navy ship. Furthermore, a deck officer may help with safety and security of the ship.

     Hold Fast

Hold Fast US Navy Symbol

You might see these 8 letters tattooed on a person's knuckles and its origin is a significant meaning to sailors. This is another type of good luck charm and for many means helping them to hold on to the rigging and never letting go no matter what.


US Navy Anchors

The anchor represents that a person has sailed over the Atlantic or was apart of the merchant marines. Throughout World War II the merchant marines were a group of civilian ships that transported military troops and cargo.

Fleet Sheets is now offering screen printing of Emblems on sheets.

President Seal On Fleet Sheets
Fleet Sheets is the main provider for bed sheets to the United States’ Navy personnel. For this reason, we are now offering screen printing to go along with our high-quality bed rack sheets.

Show off what you represent. When you place an order of 50 or more you can easily add screen printed Crests and Emblems right onto your bed sheets.

Navy symbols represent something very special. It’s a custom for a Navy ship to proudly show off their unique badge of honor. You will see these crest on uniforms and other locations throughout the ship.

What better way to demonstrate pride and improve morale by having that crest screen printed right onto your bed sheets for your rack.

It’s very powerful when a crew can come together and boost the spirit by creating or adding minor changes to improve the fleet. Indeed your journey on naval ships is all about working well as a team and getting better at your job every day.

Fleet Sheets screen printing crest and logos can help you express the pride you have for your ship and fellow sailors wherever you may go.

The Screen Printing Process

If you’re interested in how screen printing works you can go ahead and read on. If not simply skip this section and read more about Fleet Sheets. 

Obviously, they’re many different ways to go about screen printing but we will break down the basics of how it works. If you want the highest quality of screen printing there is a large set-up process, arrangement, and break down that must be completed accurately.

On the contrary, if one of these steps are missed or completed poorly your final product could be a disaster. For this reason, let’s briefly dive into the screen printing process so you have a better understanding of the operation.


In this procedure, the illustrations or artwork are isolated into layers and are set aside for printing. Now the separation process can be different for every project depending on how many film positives you wish to produce. A number of film positives you generate will be in direct connection to a number of screens you will use.

There are four different types of separation techniques that are used:

  1. Halftone
  2. Simulated
  3. Color
  4. Spot Color

Each of these works in a completely different way but once you have divided the logo, image, or artwork with one of these separation techniques the layer will then be printed onto your film positives we were discussing earlier in the article.

     Time to print your design

Step 1 - Prepare your screens.

Step 2 - Generate the photo negatives

Step 3 - Cleanse the emulation solution off the screens. Tip: Use a pressure washer to get the job done properly.

Step 4 - Place the dry screens on your press. This is a delicate process and if not carried out properly by a professional you can damage your design.

Step 5 - Drive your ink through the screen. Rinse and repeat this step for every color.

Step 6 - The Final step which you will need to run your element through a dryer. This process will heal the ink. Remember every ink is different and you will need different temperatures to cure your inks. Select the correct setting for each ink you want to use.

Now you're designing is complete and ready!

About Us

We have come a long way since we started Fleet Sheets. During this time, we have managed to learn everything there is to know about how to offer the best quality bed sheet printing and dyeing services in the market.

It will be very difficult to find our type of service in one order. Usually, you will have to purchase your sheets from a manufacture and take your sheets to another company to have screen printing completed.

At Fleet Sheets, you can do all this on one Shopping Cart.

As the leading Navy Rack Sheets service provider, we are committed to client satisfaction, to the quality of our products, and to the timeliness and affordability of our services. This is why we always adapt the latest screen printing technologies and practices to achieve these goals.

Our services, to this end, encompass the best screen prints you can expect to find locally. Whether you are looking for unique images to be printed on your bed sheets or you don’t have an idea – you can count on us to make your dreams come true. Our professionalism has also been acknowledged on account of the fecundity of our services, the immaculate quality of our products, our fast colors, distinct and sharp designs, as well as fine finishing.

To further ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services, we have a customer support team. This team is primarily focused on providing you with the support and services you need. To this end, you can reach us at any time with your concerns and queries knowing that they will be resolved in the shortest time possible.

Seeing as how we are focused on the customer, you can be sure that our services are prompt and punctual, our prices reasonable, and our standards of the most impeccable of quality standards. These are some of the reasons why we have been able to amass the trust of our clients as well as their loyalty – further growing our screen printing bed sheets operation.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading Navy Rack Sheets companies, we have a lot to offer you. When you choose to get your screen printed sheets from us, therefore, you can expect the following and more:

a) Quality

Our expertise in the industry means that we have the processes, knowledge, materials, equipment, and specific craftsmanship you are looking for. Irrespective of the color contrasts, the design, or the print, you can rely on us to produce the best quality bed sheets in the market.

b) Extensive Services

What is more, we offer a wide variety of screen printing services. Whether you are looking for ship crests to be imprinted on your sheets or you just need a customized image of your favorite portrait or star, you can be sure that we have what it takes to make your vision come true.

c) Longevity

The materials we use are of the highest grade you can find. As such, the bed sheets we will screen print for you will prove durable on account of the quality fabrics we use, as well as their high tear strength and general resistance to shrinking.


Interested in screen printing bed sheets? Looking for the best quality the local market has to offer? Then you should pick up the phone and give us a call today. We look forward to helping you with your screen printing needs.

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